Costumes by Carolyn.
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I have Arabian Native costumes, Friesian Medieval Costumes, Miniature Horse Arabian costumes, but I can make almost any type of costume.  I design and make by own patterns.  I designed a Japanese horse Costume for Disney World.  I also make  Indian & Arabian styled costumes for Breyer (toy) horses and the 20" toy horse for the American Girl doll.  (2/15/21)

  Costume by Carolyn, Arabian                     2005 Friesian Nat'l          Friesian Medieval Costume by
​  Egyptian Event Champion    NFS                Champion  NFS                 Carolyn          NFS

Al, Carolyn and Joe Mysliwiec
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Phone (815) 947-3761

Yes, I can arrange lay-away sales with monthly payments.  I can also send you a bill from my PayPal if you also have a PayPal account.  Please note, there are no returns.  I do accept my costume back in trade on another costume, if you change your mind, but please contact me first.  If you have a used costume and want to trade in on a new, contact me also.
Authentic saddle & blanket set imported & traded for a costume of mine.  I added my navy tassles,  navy blue caftan,  white hat & pants. Top photos show saddle that fits under horse blanket.   Price $2,500 (Will consider offers)      
Friesian size Medieval burgundy Gold            
costume with tassels & fringe on blanket, breast collar.  Price - $1,650 , browband    included.  (saddle & bridle not included.)  
PRICE - $1,650  (I have an adjustable medieval styled dress available in burgundy to go with this costume for $300)

Above Arabian costume.
Red & black, gold trim & Sequin appliques, red & black camel tassels.
Price $1750.

Black nylon upholstery velvet costume with            Red nylon upholstery velvet costume with
gold metallic trim & black rayon tassels                  gold trim & red yarn camel tassels, & a red and a black leather bridle with gold trim.                           hand braided bridle.    Price $1,850  
Price $1,950 (also available with black          
yarn camel tassels for $1,850)  

Brown velvet Arabian 
costume with gold trim and
sequin fabric inserts on caftan and 
blanket back. Brown camel tassels & brown leather bridle.      Price $1,850 (I can alternate brown & orange tassels with this costume.)

This is a photo of our herd of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. We use to raise foals, but when the market slowed, we stopped breeding and now just enjoy watching our beautiful herd  running  in a lush green pasture. Thanks to my costume sales I have been able to provide the winter feed for them.  I appreciate your business and so do my horses.
Black and Turquoise Costume with
gold metallic trim & rider hat & pants.
​Alternate hat choice shown.
Price, $1,550 - ​                                  

Green upholstery velvet Arabian Native              Black, grey and silver Arabian Native
Costume with multi green                                    Costume with black and grey camel tassels
camel tassels & gold trim.                                    and black hand braided bridle with silver
$1,750                                                                    $1,750 PENDING SALE
(for Friesian & Draft size)

LEFT:  The black & burgundy Medieval Friesian costume is the 2012 Friesian Nat'l & World Champion  in Oct.,2012 & is a "Costume by Carolyn".

RIGHT:  The 2 Arabian Costumes in black & gold and navy & gold were sold to Disneyworld, Fl., for use in a Magic Kingdom parade.

Cream colored costume with gold trim,                Shades of pink costume with silver & gold trim, hat,
bridle, hat & pants. Price $1,850                           pants & bridle included.  Price $1,550
NOTE:  My Arabian  costumes can be used with most English saddles, which are placed under the blanket and the stirrup leathers re-attached through the slits in the blankets near the top.  If you want to use a Western saddle, I can make cinch slits in the blanket for the Western saddle to fit on top of the blanket.  I have other options for saddles,  if these do not suit you.  The hat & pants included in the costume are adjustable and will fit most adults sm to xl, and the caftan drapes well on most people also. I recommend the use of a hunt style boot with the costume, pant leg tucked in.  A hand braided single bridle is included, but a leather bridle can be an option if desired.   Call me with any questions. Carolyn (815) 947-3761.

Friesian size beige & black costume with black & gold trim and black hanging double tassels.  The costume includes face mask, breast collar & blanket.
(Saddle & Bridle not included.)   Price $1,550                                                                        
This is a metallic silver & black , fake armor, Medieval horse costume, saddle not included.  PRICE  $2,050
Here are three Native Arabian Styled costumes for MINIATURE HORSES.  The costume includes a caftan and scarf/hat combo for the handler, and a  halter with attached lead, matching breast collar & blanket with cinch for the mini horse.  There are three costumes here.   (#1)Green with gold trim, (#2) black & purple with gold trim & (#3) dark purple and light purple with gold trim.  The scarf/hat is adjustable and the caftan drapes well on adults or children.  (A smaller child may need a shorter caftan,  and the caftan is 3/4 length on and adult.  Hunt style boots go well with this costume.) 

#1 - Green sells for $650
#2 - Black & purple sells for $750
#3 - Dark purple & light purple sells for $750
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Medieval Horse sized Jousting Blanket and breast collar. Burgundy and Gold  $750.00
Horse sized Medieval silver and black fake armor costume, blanket, breast collar and bridle with headband   $950.00